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Simplify Global FinOps.

Mensari uses AI to manage finance and compliance across global entities. 

Instead of reconciling different accounting systems in messy spreadsheets, Mensari gives you a real-time view of your global finances. We use AI to monitor regulation and internal policies to monitor compliance in real-time. 

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Save days at each month-end by automating consolidation.

Mensari helps you stay on top of compliance and reporting requirements globally.


Multi-currency accounting

Go Global with ease.

Our Multi-Currency Accounting feature simplifies multi-currency transactions, balances, and reporting. We support multiple accounting methods and calculate real-time mark-to-market across entities. 

Multi Entity Consolidation

One dashboard for your entire organisation. 

Consolidate subsidiary accounts effortlessly and in real-time. Mensari can connect with different accounting systems and create a real-time consolidated ledger. We automate month-end postings for each entity - eliminating manual errors. 

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Transfer Pricing

Stay Compliant with local laws. 

Effortlessly manage transfer pricing compliance with Mensari. We simplify Transfer Pricing Planning and implementation. We cater to a range of business categories, so get in touch with us to see how we can help you stay compliant. 

Supercharge Inter-company finance with AI. 

We use AI to keep updated with Transfer Pricing regulations and guidelines, combining that with our database and individual policies, allowing user to:

  • Ask regulatory questions specific to their policies

  • Check compliance across entities at a transaction level

  • Get clarifications on regulatory frameworks and guidelines

Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. 

Why us?

Audit ready

Transparency behind every action and data-point. 


Match your accounting methods and policies. 

Who are we

How it Works

Connect your ERP systems, bank accounts and other applications - Mensari will do the rest. 

Get set-up in minutes! 


Stay  Compliant


Real-time updates

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